Our first fall event is at Kill Creek Park on Saturday, Nov. 4.

Preliminary fieldwork has been completed. I’m holding off a few weeks to make final control selection and produce maps. The park manager intends to mow firebreaks once the warm season grasses go dormant. The manager said they may conduct some controlled burns, too. Needless to say, a burned prairie is a completely different feature than the 6- to 8-foot high grass currently covering the most of the upper and lower prairies, and firebreaks are an important feature for route selection.

Major change for 2017: Start/Finish is at SHELTER 3. We have used Shelter 1 the past several years. Time to mix it up. Shelter 3 is over by the playground.

As in 2016, we’ll use the following schedule:

10:00 a.m. – 12 noon      Registration, orienteering instruction (on demand, as needed), course starts
2:00 p.m.                             Courses close

We will have four courses. Lengths and number of controls are subject to modification, depending on the firebreak pattern and any prairie burns.

Introductory                      2.2 kms                 9 controls
Intermediate                     4 kms                    10 controls
Advanced Short                5.5 kms                 12 controls
Advanced Long                 7.8 kms                 15 controls

Course notes will be posted the week prior, after consultation with the park manager on mowing and burning that may take place the week of Oct.30.


Mike Stewart, Course Setter