Heartland Presbyterian Center
February 21, 2009
by Dick Neuburger

Another large turnout and beautiful weather for our event! There were 100 participants at the Heartland Presbyterian Center event on February 21, 2009, inspite of the cool temperatures. The day before was almost 60 degrees, but the temperature at the start of today's event was only 24 degrees. But it gradually warmed to 36 degrees under the clear skies.

Heartland Presbyterian Center gave permission to use their beautiful property and Possum Trotters returned the favor in a big way. We raised about $120 in donations to the Center! Thank you everyone!

Thank you to Mike Shifman for some very challenging courses on the hilly area. And thank you to some new helpers, Matt and Joe Barrett. They learned the start and finish jobs and did a great job! They will be doing the same at the next meet at Watkins Woolen Mill on March 14.

Thanks again to Reta Roe, registrar; Nick Hockman, registrar and refreshments; Nancy Neuburger, vetting; Michael Eglinski and Mary Jones, control pickup.