Watkins Woolen Mill State Park

Reta Roe
March 14, 2009

We had yet another meet this year with glorious weather.  The morning started out a little cool, but the temperature made it into the lower 50's under sunny skies.  We also had very little wind--so unusual for Missouri.

Watkins Mill was a new and untried map.  Seventy participants showed up.  The recent heavy rain caused last minute changes to a few controls (e.g., a depression became a pond), and some muddy trails and swampy areas.

This was my first attempt as course director, mapper, and course-setter.  Fortunately, I had lots of help.  Many thanks to Kevin Shipley and Dick Neuburger for helping me make my first map.  Angie, Matt, and Joe Barrett did a lot of the field-checking, and set some of the courses.  Dick and Nancy Neuburger vetted the courses.

Today, Matt and Joe Barrett handled start and finishes.  Nick Hockman brought refreshments and worked registration.  Angie Barrett and Paul Clatterbuck helped with setup.  Angie Barrett is doing results.  Paul Clatterbuck, Nick Hockman, Dick Luckerman, and lots of Barretts--Matt, Joe, Jessica, and Cate--helped to pick up controls.

Also, I appreciate all the comments and constructive criticisms.  I may even do this again after I calm down and catch my breath.