Kill Creek Park
November 21, 2009

Excellent weather with a high in the 50’s provided a great day to be in the woods (or the fields).  Possum Trot had what is thought to be a record turnout for an event.  There were a total of 176 Participants, and 86 starts, including 4 High School groups – Northeast HS, Shawnee Heights JROTC, Shawnee Mission West JROTC and Shawnee Mission North Navy JROTC.

This event utilized preprinted maps with the Red and Green maps handed out at each individual’s start. Thanks to the JROTC leaders for advance counts of participants so we could have enough maps for all.   Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoyed the Park.

Besides the regular courses Joe Barrett mapped a Little Troll course for future Orienteers.
                Mike Eglinski won Red, even with a small detour to check on a blown whistle (false alarm), about 6   minutes ahead of Jason Plunkett & Patrick Nuss.  Gene Wee and Matt Barrett were also within 10 minutes of Mike’s time
                Joe Barrett won Green by 14 minutes ahead of Marv Nuss
                Miles Huntley won Orange 5 minutes ahead of Mary Jones
                Cate Barrett won Yellow edging out the Go Roes Roes by 17 seconds
                John Barrett won White 5 minutes ahead of John Moon
                Anyone see a pattern here?

Of the School entries:
                The Vikings of NEHS won Yellow
                Jacob Berg of SMN won Orange
                Shawnee Heights JROTC won Green

Many thanks to those who helped with the meet:
                Vetters: Dick Neuburger, Nancy Neuburger, Reta Roe, Dick Luckerman, Mike Shifman, and Fritz      Menninger
                Registration : Reta Roe and Nock Hochman
                Refreshments: Nick Hochman and the Stones (Thanks for the pies)
                Little Troll Course – Joe Barrett, Angie Barrett, and the Chris Stone family
                Starts & Control Pick up: Mike Shifman
                Set up and Organization: Dick Neuburger

Reported by Paul Clatterbuck