Wyandotte County Lake Park Meet Report

November 20, 2011
Reported by Dan Welch

Except for overcast skies, cool and dry Sunday was perfect weather for orienteering.  It was rather a surprise that the east side of Wyandotte County Lake Park offered a good many new participants an opportunity to become orienteering Possums.  The most distant new arrivals came from Fort Riley near Junction City, KS.

Both the Orange Course and the Green Course proved to be popular choices attracting about 2/3 of our Possums.  Although all Controls were placed about noon on Saturday, one Control on the Green Course placed atop a cliffside disappeared in the Saturday winds.  Since I have observed deer carry off items with human scent, I prefer to believe this lost Control is hiding in the woods over the hill somewhere.  However, this is not the case for a joint Control and water bottle for both the Yellow Course and Orange Course that disappeared after placement near noon Sunday.

All Courses featured a larger than usual number of Controls for about usual Course lengths.  This seemed to cause several slow run times for both the Yellow Course and Orange Course.  Many Green Course run times were upset by the missing Control but the Red Course was unaffected.  A number of Possums running the Red Course correctly noted that it became progressively difficult as the circuit continued.

A surprising number of Possums that ran on the 3 Courses that reached the southern end of the Event map mentioned being confused by the 3 intersecting streams.  Virtually all these Possums told stories of solving this challenge in vastly different ways.  No two stories seemed alike.

Thanks are extended to always patient Dick Neuburger for his soothing hand.  Also abundant thanks to Nancy Neuburger, Reta Roe, Paul Clatterbuck, Nick Hockman, and Angie Barrett for their many talents at making our Wyandotte Lake Event a success. .