Ruth Stocksdale Park

Liberty, MO
Oct 1, 2011

Here is the link to the results from today's events at Ruth Stocksdale Park in Liberty.  There was a low turnout of paticipants, but those who came enjoyed beautiful weather (sunny and 60-70 degrees), tricky maze-type courses, some new faces, and good discussions on future PTOC/OK events and equipment.  Thank you to all who made the drive to join us on a new map! :) 

Thank you also to Matt Barrett for making the base map and typing up results; Joe Barrett for making the map, testing the courses, time-keeping, and picking up controls; Reta Roe for registration and vetting the long sprint; and the Barrett kids for vetting the short sprint.  Congratulations to Matt Barrett who was the only one to find all the controls for the Score-O in the 30-minute time limit, and to Michael Eglinski who dominated the long sprint in just over 15 minutes!

I hope to see you all at Landahl Park in 2 weeks!

Angie Barrett