Kill Creek Park 1-hr Score O

April 12, 2014
Course setter: Nick Hockman

April 12th dawned beautiful and warm, but a bit windy.
This Kill Creek Park O meet was a make up for a postponed 
meet of January 4th. Needless to say, much better than the
original date with park closed due to ice and snow.
Turn out was a little on the light side, probably due to increased
Spring activities. We had approx. fifteen starts. All in attendance
seemed to enjoy the event. It hadn't greened up too much that
the ticks and other little creatures were out in full force.
Many thanks to Reta Roe for her assistance in registration assisted 
by Michael Brock of Turtle fame. All control pick up
work was completed in very quick order by Mike Shifman, Richard Luckerman,
Tom Hanley. and Mike's friend Bill and his a charming young granddaughter. Many
thanks to all who assisted and sorry if I missed someone. Have a great summer and
if all goes well we will see you back this Fall.
Thanks again,
Nick Hockman