Crowder State Park

March 22, 2014

Thank you to all who came to Crowder State Park on Mar. 22, for the mountain bike and foot-O courses set by Mike Shifman and tweaked a tiny bit by me.  Weather was pleasant (44 degrees, sunshine), and the woods beautiful and open.  There were approximately 30 participants who came to orienteer on the new map.  We tried a new format this time for the middle and long courses--a score-O where the first 2/3 of the controls were done in order and the remaining controls however you liked.  Most people did not do the optional controls at the end, so either the point-to-point section needed to be shorter or the hills were too much for everyone. :)  The trails were still too soft for the mountain biking to be a complete success, but I will keep that in mind for next time (that, plus giving a more accurate distance approximation--it ended up being 20km of riding not 10km!).

A huge thanks to Paul Clatterbuck--the meet wouldn't have happened without him explaining the intricacies of OCAD (the mapping software), bringing meet supplies, putting up direction signs and start and finish banners, registration, beginner instruction, picking up controls, and organizing take down/put away.  More huge thanks to Nick Hockman (putting up banners, snacks, registration, clean up), Mike Shifman (course setter, set up, and major control pick-up), and Reta Roe (computer set-up and registration).  Thanks also to Dick Luckerman, Jason Plunkett, Bill, Joe, and Alli for control pick-up.  And a very special thank you to my boys, John and Brendan Barrett, who spent countless hours at Crowder SP with me, walking miles and miles throughout the park, up and down re-entrants, marking features, etc.---saving me from extra hills and treacherous rocky gullies, and keeping me company while I made this map.  (Then putting out and picking up controls on event day.)  This map was a labor of love, and I truly enjoyed being outdoors, getting exercise, seeing "cool" things, and spending time with my boys.  I can't wait to see what adventures the other half of the map brings!! :)

Angie Barrett