Blue Springs Lake Meet Report
by Dick Luckerman

A week of off and on rains left their effects on the woods
at Blue Springs Lake. Where the trails weren't a mass of puddles
they were often still quite slippery. The rains did, however,
stay away during the meet except for a brief sprinkle. The winds
were mild at first but grew stronger as the day went on and
eventually had us chasing after registration materials, refreshments
and anything else that was not heavily weighted down.

There was great enthusiasm among all who attended. The most
competitive courses were the Orange and Red (for second place). On
the Orange, Bob Lane separated the Barrett Boys from the Barrett Girls.
He finished 2+ minutes behind the "Boys" and 4+ minutes faster than the
"Girls." After Mike Eglinski's pace setting time on the Red course,
the next 8 fastest times were separated by a total of just over 12
minutes. Matt Foresman had runnerup honors. Mary Jones showed the way
on the Green course running about 5 1/2 minutes faster than Marv Nuss.
Team TJ easily had the best time on Yellow but finished second behind
the Jackson family on White.

Many thanks to all who came out for the meet and to everyone who
helped with the event: vetters Dick and Nancy Neuburger and Mike
Shifman; registrar Reta Roe and helpers Kelly Sumner and Nancy Neuburger;
trainers Mike Shifman and Dick Neuburger; Nick Hockman for handling
refreshments and Tom Hanley for handling starts, recording results and
assisting with flag pickup.