Kill Creek Park
Nov 10, 207

Maybe a record turnout...138 participants! A beautiful Fall day greeted all of them. The temperature rose from mid-40's to the mid-60's by the end of the day. The sky was partly cloudy and it was a bit windy (out of the south).

This was Paul Clatterbuck's debut as a course setter and he did a magnificent job! It's not easy: you have to plan courses on paper, go out in the woods to visit each planned location, make changes, hang vetting tape, get someone to vet the courses, print the maps, print the clue sheets, hang the controls, put out the water, pickup the controls... In addition to all of that, Paul, assisted by Mike Shifman, managed the starts, finishes, and results. Whew...I hope he will want to do it again some day :-)

On the competition side, Awesome Possum won both White and Yellow, although some controls were duplicated, and Fritz Menninger, running his second course, won the Orange. Marv Nuss barely beat Denby Snell and Mary Jones on Green, and Michael Eglinski narrowly won over Ryan Slebos (and his dog). There were many JROTC groups on the Orange and Green courses.

Thank you to: Reta Roe, registration; Mike Shifman, start/finish/resutls; Nick Hockman, registration and refreshments; Dan Welch, control pickup; Kevin Frankowski,Krista Thomas, and Mary ?, control pickup; Angie Barrett, string-O course; and, of course, Paul Clatterbuck, course setter, start/finish/results, control pickup.

Reported by Dick Neuburger