Shawnee Mission Park
October 6, 2007

The first orienteering event of October was a big success. 24 individuals and 23 groups with a total of 83 participants came out to Shawnee Mission Park on this beautiful Fall day. It was a little warm for running at 82 degrees, but no one was complaining.

As course setter, it was a little frustrating. The Shawnee Mission map is showing its age. There are a lot of new trails and the old ones have disappeared. The vegetation is different than what the old map shows. There is a lot of construction in the park and the off-leash dog run area was unusable for courses. I spent some time trying to get the trails right, but didn't remap the vegetation. Still...I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to our volunteers: Mike Shifman, starts and control pickup; Reta Roe, registration; Nick Hockman, registration, refreshments, and control pickup; Dick Luckerman, finish and results; Angie Barrett, String-O; and a forgotten orienteer who also picked up controls.

Reported by Dick Neuburger