Tall Oaks Conference Center
November 22, 2008

It was a great day for Orienteering and a huge turnout.  The weather, bright and cloudless, started off a little cool but warmed into the high 40’s by afternoon.  There were 81 starts and 160 participants.  This included about 62 youth from 4 schools – Northeast High school brought 33, SM North NJROTC (Keel Haulers) brought 11 cadets, SM West NJROTC about 10 and Shawnee Heights NJROTC had  8.  I printed  100 maps and we only had 5 left.   Most competitors seemed to have a good race / walk and enjoyed the Tall Oaks site.
Although, everyone had fast times for the listed distance, it became apparent that the course setter (me) mis – scaled the listed distances and the courses were actually about 25% shorter that listed.  The good part was that everybody could feel good about how fast they were until they read this report.

Competitively, in the individual competition Russ McDowell won White and Yellow, Mary Jones won Orange, Matt Barrett won Green, and Mike Eglinski won Red.  Another noteworthy race by Joe Barrett who finished  4th in Red out of 12 competitors.

In the Group competition, Kelly Sumner and Hichan Bennani won White, The Awkward Turtles won Yellow and Green, Shawnee Heights NROTC #2 won Orange, and Team Miami “won” Red in 3 hours and 36 minutes.

Many thanks to those who helped run the meet, with this many participants it took a lot of extra work.  Specific thanks to Dick and Nancy Neuburger for vetting and control hanging, Reta Roe for registration, Nick Hockman for registration, refreshments and cleanup, Dan Welch for cleanup, Mike Shifman for results posting and control pickup, and Dick Luckerman for control pickup.

Reported by Paul Clatterbuck