Tall Oaks Conference Center Nov 3, 2012
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Note: Due to a miscommunication with the Tall Oaks staff, another group was scheduled into the C.O.P.E. course that required removal of controls from the Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red courses. Many runners were not able to finish their course. We appologize for this inconvenience.

Weather: Clear skies, temp 50 - 60 degrees F.
Course Setter: Paul Clatterbuck

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White Yellow Orange Green Red

White        1.8k

1The Hamels OK0:30:32
2Team McDowell PTOC0:31:16
3Brendan Barrett PTOC0:50:48
Sam Barrett PTOCDNF

Yellow        2.7k

1John Barrett PTOC0:26:43
2GPSH PTOC0:45:47
McKee/Armstrong DNF
The Kiwiwiwis DNF

Orange        3.8k

1Team McDowell PTOC0:53:29
2The Turtles PTOC1:14:50
3Team Bulldog 1:40:52
4Sev Tournadre PTOC2:10:02
5Robert Suddath PTOC2:23:55

Green        5.0k

1Angie Barrett PTOC1:12:50
2GOIS & GOIS Jr None1:29:41
3Dick Luckerman PTOC1:32:11
4Dan Welch PTOC1:53:23
5Golden Girls PTOC2:02:50
Merriam Marauders DNF
Reed Nelson PTOCDNF

Red        7.0k

1Matt Barrett PTOC1:02:19
2Nathan Larson 1:23:13
3Mary Jones OK1:30:21
4Kelly Sumner 1:40:34
5Nathan Alfermann PTOC1:40:36
6Larry Rink PTOC1:49:03
7 Mike Shifman   PTOC 1:52:00
Keith Hubbert DNF
Eric Shumaker OKDNF
Off Constantly PTOCDNF
Michael Eglinski OKDNF
Fletcher Hamel OKDNF
Jenny Bengtsson OKDNF
Pat Slusher PTOCDNF